ISSE National Conference

Conference Sub Themes

1.   Systems for Sustainable Development:
  Agriculture: Innovative farming techniques, preserving systems etc
  Systems for study of Geo-sphere and Biosphere interactions
  Systems for Bio-resource conservation
  Advances in Coastal eco-system management
  Recent research efforts on Climate Change & its Impact
  Effect of micro-gravity on crop growth for Space Agriculture

2.  Systems for Energy Security:
  Power generation systems: Solar, Hydro, Wind, Wave, Thermal, Nuclear etc
  Recent advances in Power Transmission & Distribution: Smart Grid, Wireless Power Transmission etc
  New energy conservation systems High efficiency power converters etc
  Space based Solar power systems
  Advances in Particle Accelerators

3.  Systems for National Security:
  Advanced Navigation Guidance and Control systems
  Advances in Surveillance technology
  Signal Intelligence: Electronic Intelligence, Communication Intelligence
  Protected Communication system
  Advances in Cyber Security
  Arial and Agile platforms for national security
  Space Based Microwave and Optical Sensors for Surveillance

4.  Systems for Governance, Public administration and Management:
  Systems for Smart City- Public Transportation, Waste Management etc.
  E-Governance – Systems for Digital India
  Data Science for good governance
  Public administration systems
  Open Data Infrastructure

5.  Systems for Aerospace Applications:
  Advances in Communication, Navigation & Earth Observing Satellite Technologies and Applications
  Latest advances in Launch Vehicle Technologies
  Recent research in Materials for Aerospace Applications
  Advance Avionics for Aerospace
  Technologies for Human Space flights, Space stations
  Space Exploration
  Quantum frontiers: communication & radar systems
  Applications with High Altitude Platforms (HAPS)
  Big-LEO Networks

6.  Systems for Next-gen Industries:
  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  Advances in Big Data Analytics & Next generation computing: Cloud, neural network etc
  Green technologies for Industries
  Advances in e-vehicle technologies
  Recent advancements in Manufacturing: 3D Printing, Net Positive manufacturing etc
  New foundry technologies; microelectronics, nanotechnology
  Technologies to enable mass production of satellites

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